Android Application Development

The rapid growth of Android and its penetration has increased the adoption of smartphones to unimaginable proportions. It's not just the technical framework of Android but the fact that its open source has contributed to rise in vastly growing developer network and smartphone manufacturers. Crayon'd embraces the open source giant and excels in Android App development with impressive track record.

Are you ready for the mobile curve?

What can we make use of?

  • Core UI Framework

  • Graphics & Animations

  • Media Library (Camera and Gallery)

  • Media Library (Camera and Gallery)

  • Connectivity (Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, Internet)

  • Location Services (Google Maps)

  • Social Integration

  • Background Services

  • Local Storage (SQLite)

  • Phone and Contacts

  • Messaging (SMS, MMS & Cloud Messaging)

The Opportunity

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portolfio image
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Challenges and The Crayon'd Way

  • Software Fragmentation

Developing on Android for a large user base is a lot of fun but also a lot of pain. What works in one version of the Android doesn't work on another. We have managed to tackle this issue by constant evolvment of our knowledge base on the capabilities and limitations of various Android versions. Also, the intense quality control process helps us to test features or functions of the app on various versions to ensure compatibility.

  • Hardware Fragmentation

The Open Source nature of Android has made it possible for 1000s of devices with varied screen sizes, screen density and configuration. This has made the difference to smartphone users to make their own choice. However, it makes it a huge challenge during app development especially in UI development. We at Crayon'd have mastered "One Layout fits All" which ensures achieving pixel perfection in UI irrespective of hardware. Our exceptional design skills also help us address this issue by producing a design that fits all.