iOS Application Development

It is hard to imagine what would have been the next wave in technology if not for Steve Jobs. Apple and Jobs not only triggered the evolution of smartphones but inspired millions to get on the innovation spree. iOS App development is a designer's delight as it adds beauty to every creation. We are so much about design and every bit of developing an iOS App helps us express it resoundingly. It has just got even better since iOS7. We are thrilled with what's coming next and already gearing up for Swift, the new way of programming in iOS.

Are you ready for the mobile curve?

What can we make use of?

  • Cocoa Touch (UIKit, Foundation and Gestures)

  • Network Services (Store Kit, Push Notifications, iAd)

  • Map Kit and Compass

  • Map Kit and Compass

  • Accelerometer

  • Multitasking

  • Address Book

  • Messaging

  • Local Storage (SQLite)

  • Media (Graphics, Audio, Built-in Cameras and Photo Library)

  • Media Library

The Opportunity

portolfio image
portolfio image
portolfio image

Challenges and The Crayon'd Way

  • App Store Approvals

The App store approval for iOS is governed by strict guidelines outlined by Apple. We could build great Apps but has no effect if it does not get to the App store and within timeline. We focus on having a deeper understanding of the App store approval process and keep ourselves updated on any policy changes. There is great emphasis on the quality of code and standards being followed right from code structure, memory management, battery life and performance. It would be a challenge for Apple to find a glitch in our submission :).

  • iOS Application Compatibility

The devices running iOS have gone through massive changes and still undergoing evolution. It is default that the app is expected to work on all the iOS versions prevelant in the market and also support every device in use. This does pose a challenge on both design and development. We tackle it with being in tune with all iOS version upgrades and ensuring to code for compatibility. Our Quality control process ensures that the app is tested across various devices in producing the App with unmatched quality.