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"To be renowned as a brand that constantly innovates, strives for excellence, transforms people into influential leaders, makes customers fall in love, inspires a generation to come and innovate in this competitive world of commerce."

Our Journey

Aug 2012

Our quest began over 100 lines of chat. We dreamt big starting from creating a unique brand, strong culture, wonderful people. We even planned our outfits, looked around for space and zeroed in on SP Info City. We envisioned our ambience and had it covered as well all at a budget not leaving out bean bags. We were raring to give it a shot.

Sep 2012

Reality struck as our heart was full but our pockets were empty. And, we were all about product and sweating on investors. We were so unsure about how to proceed. We bought a cafe moments card to atleast gain some miles for all the coffee.

Sep 17, 2012

Where there is a will, there is a way! We decided to bootstrap. We couldn't afford an office so we shared a space with a kind enough friend. Crayon'd started its journey with 3 of us at the helm. The excitement and emotion is hard to explain.

Sep 19, 2012

Our 1st Client arrived. Thanks to our well-wisher who passed on a reference to us.

Nov 2012

We were now 6 and hunted for another shared space. Guess What? We found something pretty. We grew to 9 member team here.

May 2013

An unprecedented shift to a place where we belong now.

Sep 17, 2013

We sank in joy as we lived 1 year as a boot-strapped startup. No fancy parties, but we did celebrate hard.

Our last 3 years

We focussed on our craft. We learnt, we tried, we failed, we succeeded. Repeat!


We are a team of super heroes with a clear vision, great culture and will to succeed. Watch out for us!

Work Hard

We are true believers of the fact that Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

Play Hard

We can never imagine a boring journey. We have all the fun in the World, not deterring from what we set to do!


We are a large vision to do something worthy of mention in the education space. You will see us rise in the days to come.

Health Care

Life is no thrill if our skills cannot the serve the community. We have some purposeful goals to accomplish in health care.

Enterprise Mobility

With our enterprise mobility suite etching to get out to the market, we will bring innovation that will disrupt the space.


We firmly believe that every device will be connected in 10 years time and data will be everywhere. We have a vision to change the way people experience their lives through our IoT product that's currently in research.

Our Culture