A Unique Gifting Experience.

Crafted by Crayon'd with care.

We made gifting easy. Wait, is that all we wanted?. Absolute No!. Our purpose was beyond that, so what did we do?. We burnt midnight Oil, got together more often, lost a bit of hair, shred unwanted calories, had loads of fun, let our processors rip and crafted something that will bring a smile when you wrap the gift and a smile to whomever unwraps it coz we totemized it!. Whola!!! :D

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Select a Recipient

Show how much your friend means to you, tell your mom,dad and closed ones the affection you have, express your unconditional love to your loved one, let your better-half know that there is nothing beyond in life, and gift yourself now and then with our Gift Myself feature. You deserve it! :)

Choose a Gift

How often have you been bored with gifts that doesn't interest you?. Don't we want to make sure we make every occassion a memorable one for the people who mean a lot to us?. Come the totem way, bring a smile to people when they unwrap your gift. Every gift is crafted or handpicked! :-)

Pack and Send

Fill your gift bag and key in few details we ask for, you won't be bored I tell you. All set?. It's time to wrap it with a choice of wrappers along with goodies you like to handpick for your special one. What more, we present you with unique styles to wrap the gift. What next?, Send it on its way! :D

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A gift for all Occassions