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Our Story


Our Vision

To be a brand that acts as a catalyst for change and inspires generations to come through constant innovation and revolutionary product creations

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Our Mission

To solve worthy problems through design and engineering for consumers and enterprises to make the world a better place.

About Crayon’d

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  • A dream to leap

    Our quest began over 100 lines of chat. We dreamt big, starting from creating a unique brand, strong culture & wonderful people. We even planned our outfits! With a budget that did not leave out bean bags.

  • Coffee Instead of couch

    Reality struck hard as our hearts were full but pockets empty. Being product minded, we were sweating on investors. Unsure of how to proceed

  • The March Starts

    Where there is a will, there is a way. We bootstrapped! We couldn't afford an office but we had kind friend who shared their space with us.

  • First ray of light

    Our 1st Client arrived. Thanks to our well-wisher who passed on a reference to us.

  • More people aboard

    We were now 6 and hunted for another shared space. Guess What? We found something pretty. We grew to 9 member team here.


  • New home

    An unprecedented shift to a place where we belong now.

  • One trip around the sun, done!

    We sank in joy as we lived 1 year as a boot-strapped startup. No fancy parties, but we did celebrate hard.


  • Odd feelings are up

    The business continued to grow, so did the team. All was well; at least that's what it seemed to be.

  • Some downtime

    Every startup has twist and turns that you uncover during the journey. The moment of truth arrived for the holes in our culture and it was just human for people to breach the trust barriers.


  • Restocking to rock again

    We inducted few more fresh minds with the hope of a shoot at our great ambitions. We seemed to have gained more pace than what we had earlier. The grand plans were back to the drawing board, trying to align everyone.


  • Strong tides sweep

    A year of customer defaults squeezed us toward a cash crunch. But we fought all the way being bootstrapped. We wish our customers had more empathy. It's hard when you don't even recognize your 5th anniversary. Painful, but ultimately, it gave us more grit.

  • Some sand from the shore...

    Brought to a new low, our team shrunk. Whoever stayed, hung along despite doubts. The funny thing was that while we were filled with opportunities, we weren't filled with people who recognized them as such. How unlucky of them to not see the big picture!


  • But the castle remains   unmoved.

    Adversity refounds Crayon'd. The question that asked ourselves was, 'Is there enough in the tank to rebuild?' The answer? A silent roar of a BIG YES.

  • Extra legs to reach faster

    We realized that we had to load ourselves with tons of aspiration. After all, larger the dream, greater should be the team! And so the quest began. The next bunch of people rolled on board and Crayon'd breathed a new life. The floor was on fire.


  • Climbing new heights

    Over the last 18 months, we focussed on our craft of building products and creating a culture that's worth celebrating. We are a team of ordinary people but with extra-ordinary ambitions. Step in to our space, we'll sweep you off the feet with our aspirations.

Our Culture

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Our Culture

Our Team

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