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6 Humorous SEO Jokes in an Infographic


A job of an SEO can sometimes be boring, monotonous and frustrating as most clients expect too much, & almost impossible things to be done in no time. The best SEO campaigns for brands take months to gain traction and help acheive their marketing objective. Most SEOs are Google fanboys and worship the search giant as their god. Providing informative, relevant and quality content to its users is what makes one a likeable brand in Google’s eyes, but off-late Google is tightening the screws on blackhat SEOs with its algorithm updates in order to give its users relevant search results.

Otherwise, this infographic by SkilledUp (a place to find the best online courses) brings out some humorous jokes for SEOs in a comical way and it certainly makes any SEO laugh.

seo jokes comic strip

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Amit Yarashi