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Life of Steve Jobs – Infographics

We all know that, it’s very difficult to imagine a world without innovation, creativity and Steve Jobs. What would the technology world be like without Apple Inc. and its products? Very difficult to think of, isn’t it? The life of Steve Jobs, the father of modern innovation, had many highs & lows, like many other great people’s lives were. He was fired from his own company, had to visit India & practice Buddhism to discover himself and had to fight cancer before it took his life.

This creative infographics by Funders & Founders bring us the Life of Founder of Apple Inc, the ever inspirational, polymath, Steve Jobs. The infographics gives you the timeline of events which unfolded in the great man’s life.

Steve Jobs Life Infographics

What’s your favorite Steve Jobs quote? Who else inspires you?  Let us know in comments below.


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