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How To Get to First 1000 Facebook Page Likes For Your Brand In No Time [Infographics]

Having a loyal fan base on social media, especially Facebook, is key to build a digitally successful brand. We all know that this is a universal mantra to build a brand which is successful on digital media. More the number of likes your brand’s facebook page has or more the number of followers your brand has on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other popular social media sites, more authoritative, authentic and credible it looks to the users.

So, what next? Add more Facebook fans who engage with your brand, i.e., share, like and comment on your posts. Further, work on converting engaging fans to active influencers and brand advocates. Its a no brainer that more engaging fans on Facebook means more visibility for brands.

Thinking how to get to first 1000 engaging Facebook fans for your brand? No, not page like ads definitely. This infographics by QuickSprout shows how to build a loyal fan base, not fake ones or those who don’t engage.

Facebook page likes infographics

What other non-paid strategies do you follow to get more qualified and engaging Facebook fans for your brand?

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