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10 tips to create a search engine & social media friendly webpage [Infographics]

A good webpage is user friendly and has quality content for users to consume. Isn’t it a lot more than this? Are these two factors in a webpage enough for search engines to understand that it should rank a page higher in search results than other relevant pages. Are they enough for you to convert visitors into loyal customers?

The fact is, a website which is easy to use, visually appealing and has high-quality content can still miss out on qualified search engine and social media traffic if it isn’t optimized for it. It is imperative to optimize your website for search engines and social media to get higher rankings in search, more earned traffic from social platforms, more links and shares, and more importantly to build an awesome brand that everyone likes.

Here is an infographics on the Anatomy of an optimized webpage by Sure Payroll which lists the 10 key elements which ever marketer should optimize on a web page.

On Page Optimization Infographics

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Amit Yarashi

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