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Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies In India

India is known for just varied cultures and traditions. But it doesn’t hurt to say this — diversity exists in terms of software development companies as well.

Indian software companies and developers display skills and expertise in different domains and across a number of verticals. This same advantage becomes a complication when it comes to choosing the right company for your idea or product. 

We have made the research process a little easier for you, bringing you a list of the top 10 software development companies in India. 

Top 10 software development companies in India

1. Crayon’d, Chennai

Crayon’d is a software development company based in Chennai, India. We provide development services to aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises, catering to their different needs. We have served clients in a wide range of domains (15+) from healthcare to property management and many more. Our interactive development approaches and expertise in varied technologies add the magic.

Services offered:  Custom software development, Mobile and Web Application Development, UI/UX design and development

Founded year: 2012

Major Clients: CSK, Mercedes Benz, Emtax

Size: 50-100

Location: Chennai


2.Ideas2IT, Chennai

Ideas2IT is a custom software development company in India that caters to both enterprises and startup companies. They have worked across multiple verticals ranging from e-Commerce, retail, medical, etc. They approach development with a co-creation mindset and use emerging technologies, making it easy for clients to seek modern and up-to-date products.  

Services offered: UX/UI Design, Mobile and web application development, Cloud Application Development, & more

Founded year: 2008

Major Clients: Microsoft, Oracle, Oportun

Size: 350+ employees

Location: Chennai


3. Radixweb, Ahmedabad

Radixweb is a software application development company that has offices in India and the US. They have worked on products across different industries like Fintech, Healthcare, and manufacturing, etc. They possess expertise in varied technologies, frameworks, and platforms catering to the unique needs of their clients and products. 

Services offered: Custom software development, Mobile application development, Cloud application development, & more        

Founded year: 2000

Major Clients: Verizon, Xerox, HP

Size: 50-249

Location: Ahmedabad 


4. Trigent Software, Bengaluru

Trigent Software Pvt Ltd is a software development business based in Southborough with an additional office in Bangalore, India. They develop products for industries ranging from Education, manufacturing to Retail, and a few more. They specialize in catering digital transformation, optimization, and modernization services. The company usually caters to enterprises.

Services offered: Custom Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Application Development & more

Founded year: 1995

Major Clients: Honeywell, Oracle, Navistar

Size: 250-999

Location: Bengaluru


5. Net Solutions, Chandigarh

Net solutions is a digital software development company in India that builds applications for all ranges of company sizes- startups, scale-ups, and enterprises. They also have offices in the US, UK, and Canada. They offer services across domains like sports, retail & e-commerce, food & beverages, etc. Net Solutions thrive with the motto of ‘design, build, grow, repeat’. 

Services offered: Digital transformation, UX development, Custom software development

Founded year: 2000

Major Clients: PayPal, Microsoft, Harvard Business Review.

Size: 250-999

Location: Chandigarh


6. Geeky Ants, Bengaluru

Geeky Ants is a design and development studio with offices in the UK, US, and India. They provide solutions to varied industries like travel and hospitality, education, manufacturing, etc. They specialize in different technologies like Firebase, AWS, React, and much more. Their services cover small, mid-size, and corporate clients. 

Services offered: UI/UX development, Web and mobile app development, API development, & more

Founded year: 2006

Major Clients: MPL, Paypoint, Twirl

Size: 250-999

Location: Bengaluru, India


7.Fingent, Kochi

Fingent is a strategic software development company in India that has multiple offices all over the world. They specialize in multiple verticals like retail, real estate, finance, and much more. They provide services to mid-size and enterprise-sized companies. Fingent has good experience working with technologies like SAP, Odoo, etc. 

Services offered: Web and mobile application development, AR and VR development, Cloud application development, & more

Founded year: 2003

Major Clients: Casenet, CBN, University of North Carolina

Size: 50-249

Location: Kochi


8. Narola Infotech, Pune

Narola is a web and mobile application development services company that caters to startups, SMBs and enterprises as well. They serve clients from industries like travel and tourism, retail & e-commerce, fintech, and more. They are also involved in services pertaining to emerging technologies like AI and Machine learning. 

Services offered: Web application development, Mobile application development, Custom Software development, & more

Founded year: 2000

Major Clients: Antler, Biz Asia, Bazinga

Size: 250-999

Location: Pune


9. Byteridge, Hyderabad

Byteridge is a mobile and web development firm with offices in Hyderabad and the US. They provide solutions to all-size companies – startups to large enterprises. They serve across verticals such as Logistics, financial services, advertising & marketing, etc. Byteridge has been offering creative and scalable solutions for years now. 

Services offered: Mobile app development, Custom software development & more

Founded year: 2008

Major Clients: Microsoft, Philips, Tata

Size: 50-249

Location: Hyderabad


10., Kolkata is a software development company based in India that provides services to startups, SMBs, enterprises, and agencies. They develop solutions for different verticals like e-commerce, financial services, hospitality, and more. They have a transparent pricing policy. work with different major technologies making it easy for clients to choose. 

Services offered: Web application development, Mobile application development, Website development & more

Founded year: 2014

Major Clients: Watford FC, All Mulla industries, Market Dojo

Size: 10-49

Location: Kolkata



One size doesn’t fit all. This is especially true in the case of outsourcing your development work. One methodology, one company, nor one culture will fit every organization. What really matters is how passionately the idea/product is taken up and how it is visualized. If this matches your expectations, the rest is all easy to research and choose. 

At Crayon’d, we value your ideas and products, translate and channelize your vision into our minds, and create with passion. Our love for products doesn’t let us do otherwise. Neither does our expertise. If you have an idea to be brought to life, a product to be made better, give us a call.

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