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How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Partner For Your Software Development Needs?

Your product success isn’t just reliant on the potential of your idea. ‘N’ number of factors have a say in this. However, if you take a closer look, some factors outweigh others. 

The development process your idea goes through is one, and the hands that build and shape your product are another. Well, it’s the latter that defines the earlier. Selecting the right team is significant in your journey of bringing your ideas to reality.

Once you have decided to outsource your development work, you are mounted with a big responsibility—  choosing the right software development company. This is where things take a turn. It might leap or lay down, depending on the decision you make. 

Your product idea is your child. For its seamless growth and development, you need to ensure that it’s in the right hands. 

We will walk you through the tips and factors to consider when choosing a software development company for your business. And in the end, there’s a little help- a list of a few top IT/software development companies in Chennai. 

How to choose the right software development company?

1. Know your needs

The foundation for finding the right software development company is to know your needs. If you don’t, the rest of the search will be chaos. You will not know what qualities and requirements you need to look for.  

After your outsourcing decisions, you must have goal clarity (concerning the software), business & technical requirements, and budget. It gives you a direction for your research. And it narrows down the vastness of options that could possibly affect your decision-making. 

2. Tech stack 

You have to take a look at the tech stack they are using. It can reveal how advanced and updated the companies are. But it doesn’t mean that a particular old tech stack in their list is a problem. It might be because the client would have wanted it. You can reach out and clarify with them. If you already have decided on a tech stack, look for a company that matches your list. 

3. Understanding vision

It’s the ability to comprehend the business and product vision that’s crucial in the product development process. 

Software is not just about the technical details and functionalities. They are important. However, any software or product is equally about the experience as well. The company should have the ability to grasp your vision to deliver the experience part alongside well-crafted technical features. 

This understanding acts as the essence for transforming the idea into software perfectly. 

See if the company is able to perceive your vision clearly.  Remember- only the clarity of the big picture can be translated into attention to the smallest details. 

4. Proper communication

Communication is the key to collaboration. Be it internal or external, proper communication is vital. Well, both affect your product. 

When outsourcing your development process, you cannot just delegate and disappear. You have to be in the loop for constant updates about the progress. 

The process will have ups, downs, things that work well and some that don’t. They must be able to convey things clearly for you guys to work it out together. Look for companies whose communication is straightforward. The hint lies in the ease to talk to them. 

5. Website and resources

A company’s website is one of its portfolios. It’s one of the reflections of their design and technical expertise. Go through their website- check out the effectiveness of design elements, overall usability, and responsiveness. 

You can check out their resources and blogs. This way, you can get a glimpse of the services they provide. And also their approach towards product building. 

It all comes down to this- if they cannot build an efficient website for themselves, how can they develop the software of your dreams. As simple as that. 

6. Development approach

Development approaches determine the speed of the process and the efficiency of the software. The market is not static, and so are your user needs. It brings the need for a faster development period without compromising the quality. 

Your potential choices should be using agile methodology. 

It is suitable for iterative and incremental development. The agile approach brings in the flexibility for giving inputs and tweaking the software modules. Agile makes collaboration easy, as it is embedded in the methodology. 

Development methodology also dictates the product scaling capabilities. So, you know how crucial it is. You can ask about their workflow as well. I will ease your decision process. 

7. Culture-fit

Culture is the window of the company’s work nature. Culture is important because it defines the rest of the actions. If there’s a misfit here, the process might not go smoothly. 

You have a set of expectations from the organization, and it all culminates in culture. You can decipher their work culture through their vision and mission statements. The company’s website can give you a little taste of their culture. Check out their social media profiles to grasp their brand voice and employees’ opinions. 

This will give you an idea based on how it matches your needs and expectations. 

8. Budget transparency

If the budget fit is one thing, budget transparency is another. See if the company is transparent when it comes to budget. They must communicate the end-to-end budget details. 

It will be hard for you if the company demands more budget-especially in the later development phase or towards the end. Communication plays a huge role here. 

Added to these, you might need to look at their post-development support, security measures, and previous works. It will bring you closer to the decisions. We have compiled a list of the top 10 software and product development companies in Chennai. 

Top 10 software development companies in Chennai

1. Crayon’d 

Crayon’d is a product-based company in Chennai. We offer custom software development services to aspiring entrepreneurs, startup owners, and enterprises. We have delivered products in 15+ domains, ranging from healthcare to property management. 

Services offered: Web application development, Mobile Application Development, UI/UX design and development

Founded year:     2012

Major Clients:     CSK, Mercedes Benz, Emtax

Size:                    50-100


2. Idea2IT

Ideas2IT is a software development company in Chennai that offers a variety of solutions like CTO consulting, enterprise software, and many more. They work on different domains like AI, Machine learning, data platforms, etc. 

Services offered: Custom software development, Mobile and web application development, IoT development        

Founded year:     2008

Major Clients:      Microsoft, Oracle, Oportun

Size:                     350+ employees


3. Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata is an international digital transformation company located in Australia, the USA, and India. They offer services to domains like manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and a few other industry verticals. 

Services offered: Digital transformation, Enterprise Solutions, Product Engineering, IoT app development

Founded year:      2006

Major Clients:      L&T, SaintGobain, TVS

Size:                     200


4. Siam Computing

Siam computing is a Chennai-based software development company with an additional office in Columbia. They work with growth-stage startups in verticals like e-Commerce, hostel management, etc. 

Services offered: Mobile and web app development, IoT Development, Chatbot development.

Founded year:      2011

Major Clients:      Chola MS, Fourseasons, Firestone, VAN Robotics

Size:                     10-49


5. Commutatus

Commutatus is a software product development company based in Chennai serving many verticals like education, non-profit organizations, etc. They focus on app development and strategy for companies. 

Services offered: Web application development, Mobile application development, UI/UX.

Founded year:    2013

Major Clients:     AIESEC, Gehna, Mentormind

Size:                   10-49


6. Agriya

Agriya is a web and mobile development company located in Chennai. They offer development services in various fields, providing digital marketing solutions as well. 

Services offered: Web application development, Mobile application development, Digital Marketing.

Founded year:     2001

Major Clients:     BeeCrazy, Birbals, CoachTube

Size:                    50-249


7. Asahi

Asahi is a custom software development company situated in multiple locations, including Chennai. They cater to all-size organizations and multiple verticals from Logistics to education. 

Services offered: Custom software development, Web application development, Mobile application development

Founded year:     2010

Major Clients:      Unilever, FedEx, Gigabyte

Size:                     Up to 50


8. Umm digital

Umm Digital is headquartered in Chennai, providing various solutions app development to branding. They have worked across many verticals like e-commerce, retail, etc. 

Services offered: Mobile app development, Custom software development, Digital transformation

Founded year:       2009

Major Clients:        Uber, Airtel, Vodafone

Size:                       50-249


9. Impinger technologies

Impinger technologies is a software development company situated in regions like the US, Africa, UAE, and India. They offer a variety of services to small and medium-sized businesses in verticals such as logistics, startups, healthcare, etc. 

Services offered: Digital Transformation, Strategic Consulting, Enterprise application development(Mobile, Web)

Founded year:      2004

Major Clients:       Godrej, CellGate, LMW

Size:                      250-999


10. Ameex Technologies

Ameex technologies corp is based in Illinois, offering a wide range of services from development, consultation to analytics. They serve many business verticals like manufacturing, travel, etc. 

Services offered: Web application development, Mobile application development, Custom Software development

Founded year:       2007

Major Clients:       Global Atlantic, Live Happy, PEI media

Size:                      250-599



Research can be exhausting. When you have too many choices, it can add cognitive load. Make a checklist of all your requirements, needs, and expectations. You can use it for the selection process when you look into the details of every company.  

The company should tick every box, and it matters the most. But, you have to listen to your intuition. You might come across companies whose culture gives you a feeling of an instant click. Give that thought consideration. Contact them and see if it will work out. 

In the end, what really adds magic to your product is the passion and love for innovative ideas, problem-solving, and creating products. 

If you’re looking for seekers of innovation and a team to handle your idea and vision with care, give us a call.

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