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Top 8 Trends In 2020 That Will Bring Much Innovation To UX Design

Top UX Design Trends in 2020

In the last decade, user experience has been the trend. UX, in the past years, has transformed from just a name in the world of design to be a part of the world’s iconic digital products. According to some researches, it is understood that people spend nearly 2 hours of their time on their phones on average. The common generation is today occupied most of the time on apps that are not very old.  

In the last few years, UX design has been focusing on designing user-friendly apps. Those apps have changed the way common people make notes or plans, or invest money or do any chores. Thus, it has become clear that a different design of a UX product could transform a lot in the digital world. Now it’s time to understand how UX design principles can define a product’s roadmap. 

Let’s explore some top 2020 UX Design Trends.

1. Multi-platform. 

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As the name suggests, the new design would improve user experience in multiple platforms. The last decade has given us multiple screen size compatibility across almost all devices. 2020 will focus on providing solutions to voice-based interfaces. Apart from mobile, laptops, and tablets this year will make emerging changes in automobile dashboards, will introduce interactive TVs, gaming consoles, and other electronic equipment. 2020 will witness a migration towards auditory and tactile interface from the natural interface. 

In the new decade, Voice User Interface (VUI) would be more promoted, especially in home automation and security services. 

Whereas the fitness and health care industry will see the emerging of the Tactile interface, targeting people of all age groups. 

Fitbit will bring in more of its wearable byproducts embedded with intuitive user experience design. 

2. New Design Trend for truth-validation

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The information floating on the internet plays a vital role in shaping the opinion of the general public. In today’s era, digital communication plays an important role than physical communication. People are more likely to believe what is there on the internet today, and this is the reason it has become essential to validate the information available on the internet. Truths or mistruths are easily circulated with little or no whereabouts of the author of such kinds of stuff. 

2020 will focus on the truth validation aid and will create an ethical user interface that will help users to check and review the truth behind any fact. 2019 has witnessed many incidents of tampered and half-truth of the facts floating around on Instagram or YouTube. UX designs will incorporate features to reject fake news or tampered images to reduce misuse of the social media platform.

3. Team Activity for a new UX Design

UX Design

2020 will no longer be an era of sole designers. The user experience now will require a mix up of algorithm engineers, illustrators, content writers, and others. New UX designs will also require the collaboration of business strategists to prepare a project that aligns with the business objectives. The UX Designs will be incorporated with different rules that suit the new Internet age. The design process will involve the creation of a more robust feedback loop to make user research more dynamic, that comply with the increasing legislation. In 2020 UX producers will incorporate a broader framework of opinions to enhance the user experience for different types of users. 

4. Community outreach as a New Trend in UX

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As per the latest trend, most of our professional work or personal dialogues now is moving online. Similarly, no user experience is now left standalone. Now no individual lives their life solely. Every thought of an individual is addressed to the world now, and even the people choose entertainment based on public suggestions. Public opinion plays a vital role in our daily life. 

The technologies which are used daily are social, starting from search results to networking. The results which we get on a search engine do not depend simply on what is searched, but it also depends on certain similar research that has been done in the past or is relevant. In 2020 the user experience design must enhance such social interaction to not only improve user experience but the communities’ experience as a whole. The new products should be designed to benefit the whole society. 

5. Vital utilization of Usability Testing

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2020 works on the ideology of “More is Less.” UX designer focuses on adding new and innovative features to satisfy the end-user. In 2020, the focus would no longer be on delivering a feature-filled heavy product but light and functionality embedded product. 

Designing a light and functional product is, however, not very easy, but the designers of the new age have to consider this. 

They have to understand the information about what a user wants and then design their product relevant to the information. 

The best-suggested option is to take a deep understanding of the user requirement and design a product that features whatever a user needs and is also cost-effective.

6. Design Audit- the new feature in 2020

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A design audit helps business owners to answer compelling queries regarding user satisfaction metrics in the organization. To validate the user experience, it is important to understand the bottlenecks, which could be the cause of the user to leave the platform. It is essential to know what a user is searching for and at what point they got stuck and what caused the hindrance to conversion. This design audit helps you to get the information about all the above-stated points. It is believed that in 2020, Design Audits will be the most commonly used diagnosis for not only checking the health of the business and but also optimizing it to generate higher ROI. 

7. Redesigning information architecture

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Considering a website, the information architecture is nothing else but the structural blueprint that defines the flow of information. 

It consists of two components: 

The first one defines the content and functionality of the site, and the second one defines the underlying nomenclature and structure of the organization. 

The underlying nomenclature explains the site’s functionality and its inter-reliability. The new UX design of 2020 will focus on simplifying the complex architecture and would make it easier for users. As a result, it, on the other hand, helps the business owners to understand the need of the people and give them access to what they desire. The business owners can understand what information is most searched online, for how long and by whom, and thus can restructure their content. They can redesign their architecture based on this information to jump out of the current stagnation.

8. Customized and inclusive design 

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User Experience design says it should be efficient enough to fill the gaps in user satisfaction, which traditional products were not able to do. It should be customized to suit every group of users. 

UX would be much customizable. For instance, linguistic choices could be one of the best customizations much needed. This should also focus on groups having disabilities, which is the reason they are deprived of availing digital services. Such changes would embark on a drastic change in the way our society functions. 

Digital enhancement has now surpassed all the geographical boundaries and has penetrated almost all the sectors of the economy. The most relevant one being the User experience design growth. 

The trends that are stated above does not relate to 2020 only but is going to be the highlight of the coming decade. The trends like inclusive designs across the communities or the truth validation platforms have not yet been incorporated or are not yet practiced even but are likely to bring a certain change in the technology of 2020. 

The organizations focussing on smart wearables or will work on voice integration features will benefit a lot and will earn a premium move in their business. The organizations who will focus more on designing a better user design experience, building more wholesome and customized product and those who will adopt these changes as soon as possible will grow in the business, and the others who are slow to adopt these practices will lag in the competition in the coming decade.

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